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What are Pimples and how is it caused?

Do you have a skin that’s prone to pimples? Are they distorting your physical appearance and disturbing you? Thankfully, there are ways to rid your skin of pimples forever. But before that, let’s look into what exactly do you mean by pimples.

When excess sebum and dead skin cells get trapped in the skin pores, it results in a kind of comedo, commonly known as pimples. All pimples first start off as a comedo or pore blockage. Upon irritation or further infection, it gradually turns into an inflamed red pimple. Pimples are an extension of the skin disorder known as acne. Acne plagues most girls and women who have crossed their puberty, pimple being one of its symptoms.

Let us now study the different types, symptoms and causes of pimples and how homeopathy has the perfect solution for pimples.

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Inflamed acne pimples are divided into four main types. These are:

  • Acne Papules
  • Acne Pustules
  • Acne Nodules
  • Acne Cysts

Do Pimples affect everyone?

Yes. Nearly everyone gets spots or pimples at some point in their lives, regardless of their gender and age. However, women are more conscious of it as it affects their appearance. They are also more prone to getting it after they reach puberty.

Symptoms of Pimples:

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Painful bumps filled with pus
  • Painful bumps that are large, red and solid
  • Small, tender bumps with whitish centers

Causes of Pimples:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Extreme stress
  • Dietary or lifestyle habits
  • Certain medications
  • Unhygienic conditions

Homeopathy for Pimples:

Pimples treatment in homeopathy approaches the skin disorder in a holistic and constitutional manner. In constitutional homeopathy therapy, the individual is the main focus, not the disease. It understands the different aspects that constitute a human being. Taking all these factors – social, psychological, and emotional – into concern, it attempts to remove the root cause and underlying trigger of diseases.

At Homeocare International, our passionate homeopaths take the same approach towards pimples treatment. They first conduct an in-depth examination of different factors including your genetic makeup, medical records, family history, and any emotional or psychological tendencies – to formulate effective skin remedies that provide long-term relief from pimples.

These remedies are safe, natural and reliable methods that cause no pain and have zero side-effects. Moreover, they fix any skin imbalances and other stress-related underlying disorders, leaving you with fresh, clear skin.

We have received overwhelming responses from thousands of men and women who have followed our remedies to get healthy, natural and beautiful skin, free from any pimples and acne breakouts. These remedies have help them regain their long-lost confidence and positive self-image

Frequently Asked Questions

As tempting as it sounds, any kind of popping or squeezing the pimples is not a good solution to the problem. Not only does it not make them go away, it may lead to further infection and a permanent mark on your skin..

Yes. Pimples do go away. Sometimes they go away on their own, in a matter of a few days or weeks. Sometimes they need to be gotten rid of with the help of certain remedies and treatment.
There are many risk factors that may lead to pimples. Out of these, excessive use of chemicals and makeup products on skin and eating oily foods too often run a major risk of developing pimples and acne.
Homeopathy treatment for pimples helps in removing the symptoms of this skin disorder using safe, natural and reliable methods. These methods are painless and have no ugly side-effects on the skin and on your overall health. They treat the root cause and triggers of pimples, preventing any future skin breakouts and giving you fresh, clear skin.


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