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What are Eating Disorders and how are they caused?

Eating disorders can be defined as a range of different conditions that are related to unhealthy and erratic eating habits. In today’s busy modern-day lifestyles, eating disorders are becoming increasingly common. Even though they’re viewed as certain phases or temporary conditions in a person’s life, these are actually gross psychological disorders in the health community. Granted, in many cases, there are social and emotional factors attached to them as well.

These disorders often develop in childhood and teenage years, and can stay with a person throughout their lifetime. If not controlled and treated at the right time, it can result in complications that might be difficult to get out of.

Below, let us study the different types, symptoms and causes of these disorders and how homeopathy helps battle eating disorders.

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  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Pica
  • Rumination Disorder
  • Avoidant or Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
  • Purging Disorder
  • Night Eating Syndrome

Does Eating Disorder affect everyone?

Yes. Eating disorders can affect anyone at any age, irrespective of their gender, race and ethnicity. However, they are most commonly seen in young women in their teens and adolescence, who suffer from distorted body image and idealistic social perceptions.

Symptoms of Eating Disorders:

  • Acid reflux
  • Distorted body image
  • Voluntarily puking the food eaten
  • Excessive eating or binge eating
  • Intentionally depriving oneself of food
  • Pursuit of an idealistic body weight
  • A constant fear of gaining weight
  • A feeling of lack of control on eating and weight
  • A feeling of guilt and shame after food intake

Causes of Eating Disorders:

  • Genetics
  • Personality traits
  • Emotional trauma
  • Extreme stress
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Previous unpleasant experiences
  • Social and cultural perceptions and ideals

Homeopathy for Eating Disorders:

Eating disorders treatment in homeopathy approaches the disorders in a holistic and constitutional manner. In constitutional homeopathy therapy, the individual is the main focus, not the disease. It understands the different aspects that constitute a human being. Taking all these factors – social, psychological, and emotional – into concern, it attempts to remove the root cause and underlying trigger of disorders.

At Homeocare International, our passionate homeopaths take the same approach towards eating disorders treatment . They first conduct an in-depth examination of different factors including your genetic makeup, medical records, family history, and any emotional or psychological tendencies. They then formulate effective remedies that provide long-term relief from all unhealthy eating habits and compulsive tendencies.

These remedies are safe, natural and reliable methods. They cause no pain and have zero side-effects. Moreover, they fix any psychological, genetic and emotional imbalances and other stress-related underlying disorders. This leaves you with a positive mental and physical heath overall.

We have received overwhelming responses from thousands of patients who have followed our remedies to break out of unhealthy food habits and harmful tendencies. These remedies have helped them regain their health and take back control over their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pica is an eating disorder where a person develops a tendency to eat things that aren’t food. Such individuals may crave for objects such as soap, chalk, ice, dirt or even clothes and hair. Pica can be seen both in children and adults, especially those adults who are either pregnant or mentally disabled. In case a hazardous substance is consumed, it may put one’s life on the line.
Although it may seem impossible while you’re in it, but an eating disorder is very much curable. With the right kind of treatment, backed by proper therapy and consistent support, eating disorders can be fixed permanently.
If you know someone who is suffering from an eating disorder, it’s essential you create a positive environment around them rather than criticizing their actions. Lending your support and being a friend or well-wisher does a lot to move them towards a mindset of positivity and improvement. This seamlessly induces in them a need to seek help and desire to get better.
Homeopathy treatment for eating disorders goes deep into the system to treat the root cause and underlying threats of such disorders. It fixes any hormonal imbalances and addresses any psychological, emotional or body-image issues that might be causing the extreme tendencies. The remedies used are 100% safe, natural, reliable and painless, sans any hidden side-effects. They aim to alleviate all symptoms permanently. They enable you to reclaim your health and wellbeing, gaining full control over your eating habits and your body.


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